George Bernard Shaw

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Isem-is ummid George Bernard Shaw
Talalit Dublin, 26 Yulyu 1856
Taɣlent Tagelda Yeddukklen n Briṭanya tameqrant d Irlanda
Tagelda Yedduklen
Lmut Ayot St Lawrence (fr) Suqel, 2 Wamber 1950
Ideg n uẓekka Shaw's Corner (en) Suqel
Tamentilt n tmekkest mort accidentelle (fr) Suqel (insuffisance rénale (fr) Suqel)
Baba-s George Carr Shaw
Yemma-s Lucinda Elizabeth Shaw
Tissulya akked Charlotte Payne-Townshend (fr) Suqel  (1 Yunyu 1898 -  12 Ctember 1943)
Atmaten-is d yissetma-s Elinor Agnes Shaw (en) Suqel d Lucinda Frances Shaw (en) Suqel
Alma mater Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Tutlayin Taglizit
Amahil dramaturge (fr) Suqel, critique musical (fr) Suqel, asertay, amusnaw n tutlayin, scénariste (fr) Suqel, aneɣmas, biographe (fr) Suqel, imseknew, amaru, essayiste (fr) Suqel d prosateur ou prosatrice (fr) Suqel
Important works Pygmalion (fr) Suqel
Sainte Jeanne (fr) Suqel
Mrs. Warren's Profession (fr) Suqel
Caesar and Cleopatra (fr) Suqel
Nominated to
Influenced by Henry David Thoreau (fr) Suqel, Richard Wagner (fr) Suqel, William Morris (fr) Suqel, Henrik Ibsen (fr) Suqel d Charles Dickens
Membership Royal Society of Literature (fr) Suqel
Artistic movement satire (fr) Suqel
Asɣan Tamasiḥit
Ikabaren isertiyen Parti travailliste (fr) Suqel
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Ǧurǧ Bernard Cu (s taglizit : George Bernard Shaw), ilul ass n 26 yulyu 1856 deg Dublin, yemut deg 2 wamber 1950 deg Lengliz, d amaru, d Sinarist [fr] i d umezgun (Tmezgunin [fr]) d irlandi[1].

Yettawi-d Arraz n Nobel di tasekla deg 1925[2], yettawi-d daɣen d Uskar [en] n Asinaryu ifazen [en] (ɣef asinaryu n Pigmalyun [en]) deg 1938[3].

Tameddurt[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Ǧurǧ Bernard Cu ilul deg Dublin (tamurt n Irland) deg 26 yulyu 1856, twacult-is tamasiḥit yekka-d seg teglizt[4], yemma-s d tameẓẓawant, baba-s yeǧǧa d twacult, ɣef tinuba-s (Tinuba [en])[5].

Ɣer 20 n yiseggasen (1876) yettruḥu ɣer London akked yemma-s, yerra lwelha-s ɣer tadamsa n tasertit (Tadamsa n tasertit [en]), ɣer Tnemla [en] i ɣer tɣuṛi n Karl Marks. Nnig axeddim-is n tasertit, Bernard Cu ad yuɣal d argaz n Anaqqa [en] n amezgun i n aẓawan, Bernard yura daɣen aṭas n Tmezgunt [en][6].

Deg 1912, Ǧurǧ yessiẓreg Pigmalyun [en][5] ayen yettawi-d deg Uskar [en] n Asinaryu ifazen [en] deg 1938[3].

Deg 1925, Bernard yettawi-d Arraz n Nobel di tasekla, deffir aṭas n Tmezgunt [en] deg-sen : Tuɣalin ɣer Matusalem [en] (1921), Saint Joan (1923)[2].

Deg iseggasen ineggura n tudert-is, Ǧurǧ Bernard iḥemmel ad d-yelhu d tebḥirin ɣer Shaw's Corner[7], yemmut deg 2 wamber 1950, ɣer 94 n yiseggasen[5].

Ayen yura[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Ɣef leḥsab n Shaw Society[8]
Ungalen, Tmezgunt [fr] d Iwenniten [fr] Aseggas Nnqada (Anaqqa [en]) Aseggas
My Dear Dorothea 1878 Book reviews in The Pall Mall Gazette 1885-88
Passion Play Anaqqa [en] n taẓuri deg The World 1886-89
Immaturity (ungal) 1879 Anaqqa [en] n aẓawan deg The Star 1888-89
The Irrational Knot (ungal) 1880 Anaqqa [en] n aẓawan deg The World 1890-94
Anaqqa [en] n amezgun deg The Saturday Review 1895-98
Love Among the Artists (ungal) 1881
Cashel Byron’s Profession (ungal) 1882
An Unsocial Socialist (ungal) 1883
Un Petit Drame 1884
Widowers' Houses [en] 1884-1892
Fabian Essays on Socialism 1889
Ibsen Lecture before the Fabian Society 1890
The Quintessence of Ibsenism 1891
The Philanderer 1893
Ixeddem n Massa Warin [en]
Imrigen d argaz [en] 1893-1894
Kandida [en] 1894
The Man of Destiny 1895
The Sanity of Art
You Never Can Tell         1895-1896
Abalmud n Cciṭan! [en] 1896
The Perfect Wagnerite 1898
Kaesar d Kliopatra [en]
Captain Brassbound’s Conversion 1899
Fabianism and The Empire: A Manifesto 1900
The Admirable Bashville 1901
Man and Superman
Tegzirt nniḍen n Ǧun Bul [en] 1904
How He Lied to Her Husband
The Common Sense of Municipal Trading
Major Barbara 1905
Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction  
Dramatic Opinions and Essays 1906
The Doctor’s Dilemma  
The Interlude at the Playhouse 1907
Getting Married   1907-1908
The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet 1909
Press Cuttings
The Glimpse of Reality
The Fascinating Foundling
Brieux: A Preface 1910
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
Fanny’s First Play 1910-1911
Andrukles akked Izem [en] 1912
Pigmalyun [en]
Beauty’s Duty 1913
Great Catherine
The Music-Cure   1913-1914
Common Sense About The War 1914
The Inca of Perusalem 1915
O’Flaherty, V.C.
Augustus Does His Bit 1916
Axxam n leḥzen [en] 1916-1917
Doctors’ Delusions; Crude Criminology; Sham Education 1917
Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress
How To Settle The Irish Question
What I Really Wrote About The War
Back to Methuselah 1918-1920
Peace Conference Hints 1919
Ruskin’s Politics
Jitta’s Atonement 1920-1921
Saint Joan 1923
The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism 1928
The Apple Cart
The League of Nations 1929
Ellen Terry and Shaw: A Correspondence   1931
Too True to Be Good
How These Doctors Love One Another
Pen Portraits and Reviews
Complete Plays
The Millionairess 1931-1934
Our Theatres in the Nineties 1932
The Adventures of the Black Girl In Her Search for God
Essays in Fabian Socialism
The Future of Political Science in America 1933
Village Wooing
On The Rocks
The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles 1934
The Six of Calais
Short Stories, Scraps, and Shavings
Arthur and the Acetone 1936
Cymbeline Refinished
Buoyant Billions 1936-1947
Music In London 1937
“In Good King Charles’s Golden Days” 1938-1939
Shaw Gives Himself Away: An Autobiographical Miscellany 1939
Sixteen Self Sketches
Everybody’s Political What’s What 1944
Farfetched Fables 1948
Shakes Versus Shav 1949
Why She Would Not 1950
Rhyming Picture Guide to Ayot Saint Lawrence
Bernard akked Takebbanit n Fabyan[9] (takebbanit taglizit telha-d d Tnemla [en])
Azwel Aseggas
A manifesto 1884
To provident landlords and capitalists 1885
The true radical programme 1887
What socialism is 1890
The Impossibilities of Anarchism 1892
The Fabian election manifesto
The Fabian Society : what it has done : and how it has done it
Vote! Vote!! Vote!!!
The Fabian Society : its early history (2nd ed.) 1899
Women as councillors 1900
Socialism for millionaires 1901

Film[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Sinarist[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

  • 1938 : Andrukles akked Izem (TV).

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Tazmilt[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

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