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Ansuf yis-k ɣer Wikipedia, DARIO SEVERI !

Azzul, ad sreḥbeɣ yissek gar-aneɣ.

Wikipedia d asenfaṛ n tsanayt s tutlayt n Teqbaylit, la tt-yettarun d imdanen am keč d nek. Ass-a, s twizi n waṭas n yemdanen si akk Tamazɣa, Wikipedia s Teqbaylit deg-s 2,812 n yimagraden. Ma tebɣiḍ at ɛiwneḍ ula d keč, wali dagi. Ma tesɛiḍ isteqsiyen, fkiten-d dagi.

Tella daɣen tektabt s tutlayt n Tefṛansist ɣef Wikipedia it zemreḍ ad tilicarjiḍ . Ssarameɣ aɣ d-tefkeḍ afus !

Tanemmirt !

Tamawt: Tibratin timaynutin ara-k id-yasen ad banent sdaw n usebtar-agi. Aken ad terreḍ i wid iten t-id-icegɛen, ɛkez ɣef yesmawen-nsen. (tallalt ?)

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Zidat (mmeslayattekki)

Dear Dario

I realize that i need some learning to use the wiki editor properly.

For examples:

- How to create lines that are not so spread (space between lines - see Tazdalt and the lines in the section ismawen)

- How add references ? The way i do it does not look right - see example Taẓegduft

Thank you very much for your help

Saïd Zidat

DARIO SEVERI (mmeslayattekki)

Dear Zidat

  1. The lines in the article Tazdalt are not so spread look the article Muriṭanya ... if they are about the same topic you can add the signal * in front of each line, please see the lines in the section Tiwiliayin (see [https://kab.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Muri%E1%B9%ADanya&action=edit]
  2. References: Most of the articles in this Wikipedia have no references, when some exist are placed at the end of the article as in Kamirun.

But every project of Wikipedia Fundation has its peculiarities and its differences, Global sysop, like me, act more to reverse vandalism or eliminate spam in the 300 hundreds of Wikipedias, a better information on how to edit in this Wikipedia you will achieve with the local sysop Sami At Ferḥat.

Your sincerely

Zidat (mmeslayattekki)

Thank You and I have now a better understanding of your role.

Best Regards

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Sami At Ferḥat (mmeslayattekki)

Hey Dario,

I tried to switch to the classic discussion mode as in en.wiki or fr.wiki but I could not find it in my "preferences", Why is this annoying mode only applied to the kab.wiki?

DARIO SEVERI (mmeslayattekki)

Hi ... a few project using this, probably the sysop opted for using it. Unfortunately we cannot do nothing. Regards. ~~~~

Sami At Ferḥat (mmeslayattekki)

Thanks Dario for the explanation.

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Sami At Ferḥat (mmeslayattekki)
Sami At Ferḥat (mmeslayattekki)

Thanks Dario for the prompt response.

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