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À propos de ce flux de discussion

Azul, anṣuf yis-k ar Wikipedia! Tanemmirt ɣef tikkin inek(m). Ssarmeɣ ad tḥemleḍ amkan-agi u ad teqqimeḍ. Haten isebtaren a k-ɛawnen akken ad tessneḍ kter ɣef Wikipedia:

G leɛnayek, sinyi isem-ik(m) s (~~~~) deg isebtar "amyannan"; lemmer tesɛiḍ asteqsay mmeslay yid-iw. Agurzil 14:58, 31 Yulyu 2007 (UTC)

Previous discussion was archived at Amyannan umsqedac:Talwit/Archive 1 on 2016-08-19.

DARIO SEVERI (mmeslayattekki)

Hello, thanks for your collaboration. I wanted to let you know that I deleted the page above because it did not appear constructive. 

If you think I made a mistake, or if you have any questions, you can leave me a message on my talk page. Thanks. ~~~~

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