Muḥemmed Weld Ɛebdelɛaziz

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Muḥemmed Weld Ɛebdelɛaziz
Mauritania-aziz-in-his-home-city-Akjoujt-15mar09 1.jpg
Chairperson of the African Union Suqel

30 Yennayer 2014 - 30 Yennayer 2015
Hailemariam Desalegn Suqel - Robert Mugabe
President of Mauritania Suqel

5 Ɣuct 2009 - 15 Yunyu 2019
Talalit Akjujt, 20 Dujamber 1956 (62 n yiseggasen)
Taɣlent Muriṭanya
Alma mater Meknes Royal Military Academy Suqel
Lxedma asertay akked military personnel Suqel
Military service
Military branch Mauritanian National Army Suqel
Degree general officer Suqel
Ddin Sunni Islam Suqel
Political parties Union for the Republic Suqel

Muḥemmed Weld Ɛebdelɛaziz d ajiniṛal yerna d aselway n Muriṭanya seg 2009. Ilul 20 Dujembeṛ 1956 deg temdint n Akjujt.