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Simpleicons Interface user-outline.svg Eminem
Eminem - Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C. Nov. 11, 2014 (2) (cropped).jpg
Isem-is ummid Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Talalit St. Joseph Suqel, Tuber 17, 1972 (47 n yiseggasen)
Taɣlent Iwunak Yedduklen
Axxam-is Warren Suqel
Detroit Suqel
Tissulya akked Kimberly Anne Scott Suqel  (1999 -  2001)
Kimberly Anne Scott Suqel  (2006 -  2007)
Tutlayin Taglizit
Amahil rapper Suqel, asegbar, author Suqel, film producer Suqel, music producer Suqel, songwriter Suqel, singer-songwriter Suqel, lyricist Suqel, record producer Suqel, film actor Suqel akked autobiographer Suqel
Addud 68.11 in
Surnames Eminem
Artistic movement hip hop music Suqel
horrorcore Suqel
hardcore hip hop Suqel
rap rock Suqel
Music instrument taɣect
keyboard instrument Suqel
sampler Suqel
percussion instrument Suqel
Record label Shady Records Suqel
Interscope Records Suqel
Aftermath Entertainment Suqel
Rawkus Records Suqel
Web Entertainment Suqel
Bassmint Productions Suqel
IMDb nm0004896
Eminem's signature.svg

Eminem neɣ Slim Shady isem aḥeqqani Marshall Bruce Mathers III, ilul ass n 17 Tuber 1972 di Kansas City deg ugezdu n Missouri di tmurt n Marikan. D anaẓur deg uɣanib n rap.

Tisfifin[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Tizlatin[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

  • My Name Is
  • The Real Slim Shady
  • Stan
  • Without me
  • Cleanin' Out My Closet
  • Lose Yourself
  • My Band
  • Just Lose It
  • Like Toy Soldiers
  • When I'm Gone
  • Crack a Bottle
  • We Made You
  • Beautiful
  • Not Afraid
  • Love the Way You Lie
  • Lighters
  • Berzerk
  • The Monster