Barack Obama

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Barack Obama
President Barack Obama.jpg
44. President of the United States Suqel

20 Yennayer 2009 - 20 Yennayer 2017
George W. Bush Suqel - Donald Trump Suqel
Election: 2008 United States presidential election Suqel, 2012 United States presidential election Suqel
United States senator Suqel

4 Yennayer 2005 - 3 Yennayer 2007
District: Illinois Suqel
Election: 2004 United States Senate elections Suqel
United States senator Suqel

3 Yennayer 2005 - 16 wamber 2008
Peter Fitzgerald Suqel - Roland Burris Suqel
District: Illinois
Election: 2004 United States Senate election in Illinois Suqel
member of the State Senate of Illinois Suqel

8 Yennayer 1997 - 4 wamber 2004
Alice Palmer Suqel - Kwame Raoul Suqel
Isem-is ameqqran Barack Hussein Obama II
Talalit Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children Suqel, 4 Ɣuct 1961 (57 n yiseggasen)
Taɣlent Iwunak Yedduklen
Axxam-is Kalorama Suqel
White House Suqel
Tebet Suqel
Menteng Suqel
Los Angeles
New York
Jakarta Suqel
Ethnic group African Americans Suqel
Multiracial American Suqel
Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania Suqel
Kenyan Americans Suqel
Tutlayt tayemmat Taglizit
Baba-s Barack Obama Sr.
Yemma-s Ann Dunham
Zzwaj akked Michelle Obama Suqel  (3 Tuber 1992 -
Atmaten-is d yissetma-s
Lɛerc family of Barack Obama Suqel
Alma mater Noelani Elementary School Suqel
(1966 - 1967)
State Elementary School Menteng 01 Suqel
(1970 - 1971)
Punahou School Suqel
(1971 - 1979)
Occidental College Suqel
(1979 - 1981)
Columbia University Suqel
(1981 - 1983) Bachelor of Arts Suqel : political science Suqel, International Relations Suqel
Harvard Law School Suqel
(1988 - 1991) Juris Doctor Suqel
Education level Bachelor of Arts Suqel
Juris Doctor Suqel
Tutlayin Taglizit
Indonesian Suqel
Lxedma asertay, statesperson Suqel, lawyer Suqel, political writer Suqel akked community organizer Suqel
Weight 80 kg akked 180 lb
Height 1.85 m
Amkan n lxedma Washington akked Chicago
Employers University of Chicago Suqel
Gamaliel Foundation Suqel
Business International Corporation Suqel  (1983 -  1984)
New York Public Interest Research Group Suqel  (1985 -  1985)
Sidley Austin Suqel  (1991 -  1991)
Nominated to
Influenced by Nipsey Russell Suqel, Reinhold Niebuhr Suqel akked Saul Alinsky Suqel
Membership American Academy of Arts and Sciences Suqel
Degree commander-in-chief Suqel
Ddin Protestantism Suqel
congregational church Suqel
Congregationalist polity Suqel
United Church of Christ Suqel
Political parties Democratic Party Suqel
IMDb nm1682433
Barack Obama signature.svg

Barack Hussein Obama yella d aselway n Yiwunak Yeddukklen seg 2009 ar 2017. Ilul deg 4 Ɣuct 1961 deg temdint n Honolulu (tigzirin n Hawaii).