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Si Wikipedia, tasanayt tilellit.

Taynuzzuft (S Teglizit: Monosexuality) d alda arumantik neɣ azzufan i yudmawen n yiwet n tewsit kan.[1] dɣa amdan aynuzzuf yezmer ad iguccel tasenfeluzzuft (Heterosexuality) neɣ tibruwtemt (Homosexuality).

Deg udiwenni n taɣda tazzufant ( Sexual orientation), irem-a yettusemres s talɣa tagejdant d amudem neɣ de anemgal]] n tasnuzzuft (Bisexuality)[2]

Ẓeṛ daɣen[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

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