Muḥemmed wis 6

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(Yettusmimeḍ seg Muḥemmed Wis 6)
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King Mohammed VI.jpg
King of Morocco Suqel

Yulyu 23, 1999 -
Ḥasan wis 2
Talalit Rbaṭ, Ɣuct 21, 1963 (56 n yiseggasen)
Taɣlent Merruk
Baba-s Ḥasan wis 2
Yemma-s Lalla Latifa
Tissulya akked Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco Suqel  (Meɣres 21, 2002 -
Atmaten-is d yissetma-s
Tawsit Alaouite dynasty Suqel
Alma mater Mohammed V University Suqel 1985) licentiate Suqel : law Suqel
University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis Suqel 1994) doctorate Suqel : law Suqel
Collège Royal Suqel Yunyu 1981) baccalauréat Suqel
Amahil entrepreneur Suqel, banker Suqel akked asertay
Asɣan Tasunnit

Muḥemmed wis 6 d agllid n Umerruk si 1999 ar ass-a. Muḥemmed wis 6 ilul-d di 21 Ɣuct 1963 yuɣal d agellid n Umerruk di Yulyu 1999 awaren imi yemmut baba-s agellid Ḥasan wis 2.