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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015 - Stockholm (23051472299) (cropped 2).jpg
Isem-is ameqqran Madonna Louise Ciccone
Talalit Bay City Suqel, 16 Ɣuct 1958 (60 n yiseggasen)
Taɣlent Iwunak Yedduklen
Tagelda Yedduklen
Axxam-is Lisbun
Ethnic group Italian American Suqel
French Canadian Suqel
Tutlayt tayemmat Taglizit
Zzwaj akked Sean Penn Suqel  (16 Ɣuct 1985 -  14 Ctamber 1989)
Guy Ritchie Suqel  (22 Dujamber 2000 -  21 wamber 2008)
Couple(s) Carlos Leon Suqel
Brahim Zaibat Suqel
Atmaten-is d yissetma-s
Alma mater University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Suqel
Rochester Adams High School Suqel
University of Michigan Suqel
Tutlayin Taglizit
Lxedma singer-songwriter Suqel, film director Suqel, composer Suqel, film producer Suqel, amaru, asegbar, dancer Suqel, entrepreneur Suqel, acennay, record producer Suqel, performing artist Suqel, businessperson Suqel, screenwriter Suqel, songwriter Suqel, amedyaz, model Suqel, children's writer Suqel, producer Suqel, director Suqel, philanthropist Suqel, guitarist Suqel akked film actor Suqel
Height 164 cm
Employers Dunkin' Suqel
Influenced by David Bowie Suqel, Debbie Harry Suqel, Chrissie Hynde Suqel, Martha Graham Suqel akked Mae West Suqel
Membership Breakfast Club Suqel
Emmy & The Emmys Suqel
Surnames Louise Ciccone, Madonna Ritchie, Boy Toy, Nonnie, Maddy, Mo akked The Material Girl
Artistic movement pop music Suqel
dance music Suqel
electronic music Suqel
dance-pop Suqel
pop rock Suqel
contemporary R&B Suqel
adult contemporary music Suqel
jazz Suqel
rock opera Suqel
contemporary folk music Suqel
Voice type mezzo-soprano Suqel
soprano Suqel
Music instrument snitra
drum kit Suqel
ukulele Suqel
Record label Sire Records Suqel
Warner Bros. Records Suqel
Maverick Records Suqel
Interscope Records Suqel
Warner Music Group Suqel
Live Nation Entertainment Suqel
Ddin Catholic Church Suqel
Political parties Democratic Party Suqel
IMDb nm0000187

Madonna, tlul ass 16 ɣuct,1958 di Bay City, tacennayt n Pop.