Java (tutlayt)

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Paradigm Multi-paradigm: generic, object-oriented (class-based), imperative, reflective
Designed by James Gosling
Developer Oracle Corporation
First appeared mayyu 23, 1995; 25 iseggasen aya (1995-05-23)[1]
Typing discipline Static, strong, safe, nominative, manifest
Filename extension .java, .class, .jar
Major implementations
Compilers: OpenJDK (javac, sjavac), GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ), Eclipse Compiler for Java (ECJ)
Virtual machines: OpenJDK JRE, Oracle JRockit, Azul Zing, IBM J9, Excelsior JET, Gluon VM, Microsoft JVM, Apache Harmony
JIT compilers: HotSpot, GraalVM, Azul Falcon (LLVM)
Influenced by
Ada 83, C++,[2] C#,[3] Eiffel,[4] Mesa,[5] Modula-3,[6] Oberon,[7] Objective-C,[8] UCSD Pascal,[9][10] Object Pascal[11]
Ada 2005, BeanShell, C#, Chapel,[12] Clojure, ECMAScript, Fantom, Gambas,[13] Groovy, Hack,[14] Haxe, J#, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Scala, Seed7, Vala

Java d tameslayt n usihel yettuwelhen Taɣawsa (langage de Programmation Orientée Objet), yesnulfa-t-id James Gosling akked Patrick Naughton, d imuras deg Sun Microsystems, s tallalt n Bill Joy, (imesbeddi n Sun Microsystems deg 1982), yettusenked ass n 23 mayyu 1995 i SunWorld.
Takebbanit Sun tuɣal tuɣi-tt Oracle deg useggas n 2009, d nettat ara yeṭfen syin d asawen Java.

Amedya[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Hat ɣur-wen umedya n usihel s tutlayt Java :

 public class AzulFellawen {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
         System.out.println("Azul fell-awen !");

Tamuɣli ɣef Java[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

Amazray[ẓreg | ẓreg aɣbalu]

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