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Almazán[ẓreg aɣbalu]

Please, could you translate this article onto the language of this Wikipedia? Thanks for your help. If you wanna translate your city onto Aragonese, Spanish, Catalonian, Galician o Asturian language, tell it to me, please. --Jeneme 20:07, 12 Jember 2007 (UTC)

Azul fellak[ẓreg aɣbalu]

  • Lɛaslama inek a dda Azwaw, ẓriɣ belli turid kra g wikipedia s teqbaylit, ferḥaɣ aṭas, axaṭer ɣileɣ dayen ruḥen akk ǧǧant-s imanis tillemt, tura ma tebɣid anemɛiwen garanaɣ, iniyyid kan ammek attan adsinyiɣ s issem n umeseqdac inu : TALWIT ihi ma tebɣid aydiniḍ kra, ẓer dagi -- --Talwit 18:05, 4 Ctember 2008 (UTC)[ẓreg aɣbalu]

Hey. Haven't seen you - or anyone else from this wiki - at in a long while. I do hope you will be giving your localisation some tender, love and care really soon. Cheers! Siebrand 23:03, 2 Ctember 2009 (UTC)