Agatha Christie

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Isem-is ummid Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller
Talalit Torquay Suqel, Ctamber 15, 1890
Taɣlent Tagelda Yedduklen
Timekkest Winterbrook Suqel, Yennayer 12, 1976
Ideg n uẓekka Cholsey Suqel
Tamentilt n tmekkest natural causes Suqel (pneumonia Suqel)
Tissulya akked Max Mallowan Suqel  (Ctamber 11, 1930 -
Alma mater homeschooling Suqel
Tutlayin Taglizit
Amahil nurse Suqel, amaru, novelist Suqel, screenwriter Suqel, dramaturge Suqel, prosaist Suqel akked autobiographer Suqel
Important works Hercule Poirot Suqel
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Suqel
The Sittaford Mystery Suqel
Peril at End House Suqel
Lord Edgware Dies Suqel
Murder on the Orient Express Suqel
The A.B.C. Murders Suqel
Cards on the Table Suqel
Death on the Nile Suqel
Sad Cypress Suqel
Five Little Pigs Suqel
Towards Zero Suqel
A Murder Is Announced Suqel
A Daughter's a Daughter Suqel
Endless Night Suqel
Curtain Suqel
Sleeping Murder Suqel
And Then There Were None Suqel
Membership Royal Society of Literature Suqel
Amussu Knox's Commandments Suqel
Surnames Mary Westmacott akked Agatha Christie
Artistic movement crime novel Suqel
adventure novel Suqel
autobiography Suqel
detective fiction Suqel
IMDb nm0002005
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Agatha Christie neɣ s yisem-is ameqqran Agatha Mary Clarissa Mille, tlul deg 15 ctamber 1890, temmut deg 12 yennayer 1976 (ar 85 iseggasen). Nettat d tamarut s Tenglizt.