...And Justice for All

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...And Justice for All
Metallica album (fr) Suqel
Azemz n ufsar 1988
Azwel aẓaran ...And Justice for All
Format de distribution (fr) Suqel disque compact (fr) Suqel d streaming musical (fr) Suqel
Tawsit thrash metal (fr) Suqel d speed metal (fr) Suqel
Tutlayt Taglizit
Tanzagt 65:25 minute
Studio d'enregistrement (fr) Suqel 17 Hertz Studio (en) Suqel
Label discographique (fr) Suqel Elektra Records (fr) Suqel d Sony Music Entertainment Japan (fr) Suqel
Part of it albums de Metallica par ordre chronologique (fr) Suqel
discographie des albums de Metallica studio (fr) Suqel
Production (fr) Suqel
Afaris James Hetfield (fr) Suqel
Flemming Rasmussen (fr) Suqel
Lars Ulrich (fr) Suqel

...And Justice for All d isem n uḍebsi wis rebɛa n Metallica, yeffeɣ-d deg useggas n 1988.

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# Azwel Tanzagt
1. Blackened 6:41
2. ...And Justice for All 9:47
3. Eye of the Beholder 6:30
4. One 7:27
5. The Shortest Straw 6:36
6. Harvester of Sorrow 5:46
7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity 7:44
8. To Live Is to Die 9:49
9. Dyers Eve 5:13