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Dagi i nettemmeslay af Wikipedia

Talɣa i yiwalnuten[beddel]

Azul fell-awen,

Xedmeɣ yiwet talɣa iwakken a nezmir a naru awal nniḍen ddaw way-en yellan d awalnut (néologisme). Ayadho 18:17, 7 Wamber 2007 (UTC)

Talɣa:Amagrad amenzawi[beddel]

T-talɣa n way-en nezmer a t nsexdem deg isebtaren n taggayin. Ayadho 13:26, 18 Wamber 2007 (UTC)

Talɣa:Tankult n tewwurt[beddel]

Azul fell-awen,

Uriɣ yiwet talɣa ayen txeddem tenkult. Nezmer a nefren ṣṣifat akkd yisem n usebter deg way-en tella nnesxa. Walit isqedcen deg yiwwuren am awwur:Tussna neɣ awwur:Tafelsuft.

Qimet di lehna. Ayadho 20:57, 21 Wamber 2007 (UTC)

Ansuf s kra n win yettarun da.

Ass yecban ass-a[beddel]

Nezmer a d-nernu Ass yecban ass-a (éphemeride), nezmer a d-nernu daɣen Tafat ɣef... --Talwit 13:14, 27 Ɣuct 2008 (UTC).

Attan ssewǧjadeɣ akken a nbeddel ṣṣifa n usebter amenzaw (neɣ amenzu) acku ixxuṣṣ ciṭuḥ, yerna yemxallaf ɣef isebtaren imenza n tutlayin nniḍen. A d-rnuɣ daɣen Awal umɛin n wass --Talwit 13:14, 27 Ɣuct 2008 (UTC)

Multilingual Challenge[beddel]

Please help: replace this red text with a translation of the English message below. Thank you!
Announcing the Derby Multilingual Challenge

This is the first multilingual Wikipedia collaboration. All Wikipedians can take part, in any Wikipedia language. The challenge runs from 1 May until 3 September 2011.
Sign up now!
" Wikipedia is particularly pleased to see that Derby Museums are encouraging the creation of articles in languages other than English." (Jimmy Wales, 14 January 2011)

Andrew Dalby 12:45, 2 Mayu 2011 (UTC)

Just a draft to begin :

Asali n the Derby Multilingual Challenge

D tikkelt tamezwarut i deg tesdukkel Wikipidya tutlayin meṛṛa. Yal amseqdac yezmer a d-iger afus, s tutlayt i-gebɣa. Amḥezwer-agi yebda seg umenzu n mayu(maggu) ar 3 cṭember 2011.
Sign up now!
" Wikipidya yefṛeḥ aṭas imi tasuddast Derby Museums tettall (tettɛawan) tira n imagraden s tutlayin nniḍen, mačči kan s teglizit." (Jimmy Wales, 14 January 2011)

Candidature administrateur Mmistmurt[beddel]

Taqbaylit : Azul, bɣiɣ ad uɣaleɣ d-anedbal n Wikipedia agi, acku ulac inedbalen, dɣa Wikipedia agi yeḥwaǧ assizdeg d umucceḍ. Ilaq ad inim ma tebɣam neɣ ala ad uɣaleɣ d-anedbal d-agi. Tanemmirt.

Français : Bonjour, je voudrais devenir administrateur de ce Wikipédia, parce qu'il n'y a pas d'administrateur, de plus, ce Wikipedia necessite un nettoyage des pages vides ou inutiles et une mise à jour de sa présentation globale. Pouvez-vous dire si vous acceptez ma candidature ou non ? N'oubliez pas d'ajouter la traduction en anglais ou en français. Merci.

English : Hello, I want to become administrator of the Wikipedia, because there is no administrator currently, moreover, this Wikipedia need a clean empty or useless pages and an update of its overall presentation. Can you tell if you accept my application or not? Do not forget to add the translation in English or French. Thank you.

--Mmistmurt (talk) 16:58, 30 Dujamber 2013 (UTC)

Taqvaylit : Azul, nekk aqli qeblaγ iwakken Mmistmurt ad yuγal d anebdal n Wikipedia s teqbaylit

Français : Bonjour, moi j'accépte que Mmistmurt devienne administrateur de Wikipedia Kabyle

English : Hello, I accepte that Mmistmurt became administrator of Kabyle Wikipedia

--Amazigh84 (talk) 22:31, 30 Dujamber 2013 (UTC)

Taqvaylit : Azul, nekk aqli qeblaγ iwakken Mmistmurt ad yuγal d anebdal n Wikipedia s teqbaylit

Français : Bonjour, J'accepte que Mmistmurt devienne administrateur de Wikipedia Kabyle

English : Hello, I accepte Mmistmurt as an administrator of Kabyle Wikipedia

--SOphiia92 (talk) 23:11, 02 Yennayer 2013 (UTC)

Catalan Culture Challenge[beddel]

I apologize if this message is not in your language. Please help translate it.

The Catalan-speaking world... Want to find out more? From March 16 to April 15 we will organise the Catalan Culture Challenge, a Wikipedia editing contest in which victory will go to those who start and improve the greatest number of articles about 50 key figures of Catalan culture. You can take part by creating or expanding articles on these people in your native language (or any other one you speak). It would be lovely to have you on board. :-)

We look forward to seeing you!

Amical Wikimedia--Kippelboy (amyannan) 17:40, 15 meɣres 2014 (UTC)

No one needs free knowledge in Esperanto[beddel]

There is a current discussion on German Wikipedia on a decision of Asaf Bartov, Head of WMF Grants and Global South Partnerships, Wikimedia Foundation, who rejected a request for funding a proposal from wikipedians from eowiki one year ago with the explanation the existence, cultivation, and growth of the Esperanto Wikipedia does not advance our educational mission. No one needs free knowledge in Esperanto. On meta there has also started a discussion about that decision. --Holder (amyannan) 10:05, 5 Mayyu 2014 (UTC)

Help for translate[beddel]

Hello and sorry for writing in English. Can anyone help me translate a small article (2 paragraphs) from English to your language and create the article in your wiki? Please, fell free to answer in my talk page in your wiki anytime. Thanks! Xaris333 (amyannan) 00:12, 13 ɣuct 2014 (UTC)

Monuments of Spain Challenge[beddel]

Excuse me for not speaking Kabyle yet.

Wikimedia España invites you to join the Monuments of Spain Challenge. And what’s that? It’s a contest. You have to edit, translate or expand articles about the Spanish monuments and you will be granted points. So you’re not just writing about wonderful buildings: you can get prizes!

The time of the contest will include all October and any information you may need is right here.

Join in and good luck!

PS: We would be grateful if you could translate this note into Kabyle.

B25es on behalf of Wikimedia España.

Timsizwert ɣef tisreɣtiwin n Spanya[beddel]

Wikimedia España yeɛreḍikwen ad ttekkim ar timsizwert ɣef tisreɣtiwin n Spanya. D acu-tt ta ? D timsizwert. Ilaq ad beddelem, ad ssuqqlem neɣ ad ssemɣerem imagraden ɣef tisreɣtiwin n Spanya dɣa ad rebḥem tenqiḍin. Ihi maci kan ad arum ɣef timeṣkiwin igerrzen : tzemrem ad rebḥem arrazen !

Tesɛam akkw aggur n Tuber (2014) iwakken ad ttekkim ar timsizwert agi dɣa ad affem akkw tilɣa i teḥwaǧem d-agi.

Adfet-d dɣa tawenza !

Languages in censuses[beddel]

Hello, Dear wikipedians. I invite you to edit and improve this article and to add information about your and other country.--Kaiyr (amyannan) 11:47, 31 tuber 2014 (UTC) B25es deg isem n Wikimedia Spanya.